am going to tell you how to care for baby and adult pomeranians

if you have a baby pomeranian you need to take a walk with it 4 times a day, if you have a adult pomeranian you need to take a walk with it 3 times a day pomeranians really like to play so you should play with them a lot inside and outside adult pomeranians also like to play but just a little less but still alot. When they are sleeping dont wake them up because the can start biting but not extremly hard

if you are going to get a puppy pomeranian you will need these things a water bowl a food bowl and food for the puppy next you will need some toys for the puppy to play with after that you will need to get a dog house for outside or a cage for inside

Pomeranians can live up to 12-16 years old

so if you will get a pomeranian get ready to live with it 12-16 years wich is a lot

when you do get a pomeranian you need to try to train it go to the bathroom so the pomeranian would not go to the bathroom all over the house and pomeranins really like atention

baby pomeranians are really active and adult pomeraninas are juts a little bit> less active they dont really like to run a ton and babay pomeranians love to run

pomeranians can weigh up to 4.2-7.7 lbs